2015-06-16 Mathematica Rolling Correlation Function
Quick post with some mathematica code for doing rolling correlations. Read
2015-01-24 1 out of 16,233 odds for Pats Fumbles is BS
I break down an analysis that claimed the Patriots have a 1 in 16,233.77 likelyhood of observing the number of fumbles they had in 2010-2014. Another blogger declared this as "impossible" - I attempt to show the core assumption is flawed. Read
2014-09-28 Secret Pizza Dough Recipe
2014-06-15 Blog Changes & Quitting Social Media?
I talk about how I am going to post about a wider variety of things now that I have quit social media (temporarily) Read
2014-06-14 Naansense - Amazing Lunch in Chicago Loop
I rave about a new chipotle-for-indian restaurant Naansense, which just opened up in the Chicago loop Read
2014-05-17 10 Things I Learned from the Houston Texans
I don't usually talk about fitness on my blog but I post a summary of 10 things I learned from the Houston Texans' player fitness guide. I know talking about fitness is insufferable. I am sorry. Read
2014-05-03 FVWM Old School Linux Window Manager
I talk about an experiment I've been running with using fvwm, an old school windows manager for linux. If you're not a linux user, don't bother reading this. Read
2014-03-29 A Statistics Question
I propose a simple statistics question and ponder on possible solutions and push back on some notions of predictive analytics. Read
2014-02-08 Dogecoin (ie bitcoin, ie tomcoin) Thoughts
In a moment of curious insanity, I start poking around with digital currencies -- in particular Dogecoin. Read
2013-12-10 Python Threading (Part 1)
I give some code examples of how to do magic with threading python Read
2013-10-29 Todo.txt Review
I talk about my attempts to use todo.txt (the software) as a tool to organize my life. Read
2013-09-05 Bulk Updating Records in Salesforce (with beatbox)
I talk about how to use python's beatbox module to bulk update a bunch of records at the same time. Read
2013-08-31 2013 Fantasy Dashboard & Defensive Predictions
I provide a link and talk about my 2013 fantasy dashboard, which is public this year. Also, I talk about a defensive model that goes into the dashboard, predicting point estimates of team defensive performance. Read
2013-08-21 Tufte Data Viz Talk Review / Thoughts
I went to a one-day data visualization conference put on by Edward Tufte in Chicago. I quickly collect my thoughts and review the conference. I recommend it to data nerds and managers. Design folks might not enjoy it as much because they will be familiar with the content. Read
2013-08-19 NFL - Do Preseason Outcomes Matter?
I look at NFL data from 2001-2012 and try to guess whether the preseason matters at all. Conclusion: from a team performance standpoint, I don't see any strong indicators that it matters. Read
2013-08-04 Accessing Salesforce via Python
I talk about how to use python's beatbox module to access Salesforce (via SOAP API calls and via SOQL Queries) Read
2013-07-27 MathJax & LaTeX
I talk about how I got math to work on my website via LaTeX + MathJax Javsacript library. It is super easy. Read
2013-07-26 New Website (tomhayden3.com v3)
I introduce my new website, born through shame about my old one. I talk about how I built it and some of the challenges I encountered. Read