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1 out of 16,233 odds for Pats Fumbles is BS
Sat 24 January 2015
I break down an analysis that claimed the Patriots have a 1 in 16,233.77 likelyhood of observing the number of fumbles they had in 2010-2014. Another blogger declared this as "impossible" - I attempt to show the core assumption is flawed. Read
10 Things I Learned from the Houston Texans
Sat 17 May 2014
I don't usually talk about fitness on my blog but I post a summary of 10 things I learned from the Houston Texans' player fitness guide. I know talking about fitness is insufferable. I am sorry. Read
2013 Fantasy Dashboard & Defensive Predictions
Sat 31 August 2013
I provide a link and talk about my 2013 fantasy dashboard, which is public this year. Also, I talk about a defensive model that goes into the dashboard, predicting point estimates of team defensive performance. Read
NFL - Do Preseason Outcomes Matter?
Mon 19 August 2013
I look at NFL data from 2001-2012 and try to guess whether the preseason matters at all. Conclusion: from a team performance standpoint, I don't see any strong indicators that it matters. Read