Blog Changes & Quitting Social Media?

Bye Bye Social Media

So a few weeks ago, I decided to take a semi-permanent hiatus from twitter and facebook. I was prolific on both, having over 10k tweets and who knows how many facebook updates. I'd been a user of both sites since the mid-2000s and decided that maybe I've had enough social media for my life. Ten years is a long time to commit to something and maybe it is time to move on. I want to focus on writing, reading, being mindful, experiencing life, writing code, and being with friends and family more than I want to blast out complaints and instant gratification thoughts all day long.

When I worked at facebook, they always talked about how facebook finally gives you the opportunity to be your authentic self. But I would question whether the image you construct about yourself is really your authentic self or is it the self you want to be rather than what you are?

Also, I just got really tired of the useless stream of twitter bullshit. It's like a giant Internet comment section. I figured I could just read the daily emails from Today in Tabs to get the drama summarized for me and actually use my Newsblur account to read interesting blogs.

I dream of doing the same with email someday.

Who are you?

I use Google Analytics to track visitors to this site and by a huge proportion, most of my visitors come from various google terms. My most popular posts are about Salesforce, where I get a lot of google juice for some reason. I get traffic from all over the place for all sorts of topics, so there is no reason to constraint myself to posting about only a single topic now, so I will expand the breadth of posts I make to include other non-technical things I find interesting and see who shows up. So, new topics I will try to write more on:

I also thought about removing comments but for now have decided against that because it might be an interesting experiment to see who shows up.

I considered making subdomains for all the things I can post about, but fuck it, I'll just put them all into one account. I am one person rather than a combination of many (I hope), so giving it a shot.

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